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Our Team

One big team.

We’re a church where everyone is part of the ministry team – Jesus calls all believers to be disciples who make disciples, and so we encourage everyone in our church to use their time, talents and even their treasure to minister to one another.

This happens in formal ways – like teaching in Kids Church or leading a Bible Study group. But it also happens in lots of small, informal ways, where we strive to do whatever we can to help each other keep loving, trusting and serving Jesus.


Our Elders

Phil Stolk


Colin Brown


Martin Jones



An elder-led church.

We are a Presbyterian (elder-led) church. Our team of Elders (which includes our Pastor) are appointed to equip, enable and encourage our people to keep walking with Jesus every day of their lives.

We currently have three Elders, and while there's nothing especially amazing about any of them, it's their job to point us to the extraordinary God who made us, who loves us, and who sent His own son to die for us – so we think that's a pretty important job!

Our Managers

In addition to the Elders, we also have a committee of managers who share reasonability for the day-to-day running of our church.


Our Committee is currently made up of:

Liam Aggett


Barb Arthur


Deb Boyles


Rob Carmichael


Stuart Hyland


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